Hello all!

How long have I been gone? Yes, for a while I guess... I haven't blog for almost 2 years now. Since I started in 2007, and yet... I'm still here. Took me long enough time to make a come back. Well, maybe I had enough "rest" and starting back again from zero.

Yup, for those who already familiar with my previous blog, this one has been given a breath of new life (I guess. Haha!). Unlike my previous one, this one will have a specific niche to it. Probably focusing on my hobby, some photography, and maybe some update about my upcoming project. I hope all of it will be featured in this blog.

For those who wanted to visit my old blog, you can go to this link, here. Well, nothing been updated since the last post. But, feel free to browse. ^^

Enjoy this brand new blog. Happy reading, and have a good day ya.



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