Various pose of Hameed Borhan.

Meet Hameed Borhan.

This is my ongoing project using 3D character. To date, I have made up to version 2.5, which means I've made a second version of Hameed with a minor upgrade between versions. Nothing much about him that I can tell despite his look. Maybe I should give him some background story and all.

About the name, I just randomly ask my Twitter friends, and some of them gave me a random name (which was funny). And I picked 2 of the suggested name and combined it. The result was; Hameed Borhan.

Rendered Hameed with smiling pose.

I was planning to use Hameed in my upcoming project in Unreal Engine 4, but it takes much time to export it because all of the details that embedded into Hameed's model, so maybe I'll come up with a new version that have fewer details.

I'll be updating any new news about Hameed when I make a new version later.

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