I started using Unreal Engine 4, probably about a year and a half ago. And by that time, I still learning to use the engine to make simple things like a hallway, and a simple landscape. To be honest, Unreal Engine 4 is really easy to use, but it getting a bit harder when you try to implement some blueprints to all the mashes and all. But I get a hang of it.

The first project I made was "The Hallway Gallery". It was a simple setup, with some pictures, a hallway, some benches and trees. And then I made a video with all that finished set up. It wasn't a hard project to do, but it took me probably 3 days to finished it. Well, as a new user, I think taking 3 days to make it, was okay (I guess).

And here is the finish video of the project.

The second project that I did with Unreal Engine 4 was "The Lake Forest". This one, even though looking a bit complicated, it was actually really easy to do. It took me just about 1 day and a half to finished it. This second project was for me to do an outdoor scene, with the sky, grass, trees, rocks,  and playing with the water to form a small pond.

Took me a while to make some movement when doing the video, but I managed to do it. This project allow me to understand a bit about making landscape, terrain and other features of the Earth.

Here is the video of the project.

Okay. That's it about my first and second project using Unreal Engine 4. More projects are coming in this blog, so stay tune to get the latest updates, ya. ^^

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