Not much to do after work today. So, after practising some note on the piano lesson, I get on doing something with Sketchup.

I always wanted to make a 3D model of my apartment, and after some digging up on the internet, looking for a floor plan of Menara Orkid apartment, I found this:

That was perfect. So, I searched for some other plan which was in high resolution, but all I could find was a low resolution image. And it all in different position from my real apartment. But, that was not a problem. I just flipped the image, and the plan turned to the right position.

Now, time to translate this plan into 3D. So, I fired up Sketchup Pro, and tracing all the outlines of the floor plan. Not a simple thing to do, because all the measurements, heights, widths and lengths must be precised to the real world.

After sometimes, I managed to make this 3D model of my apartment:

Well, not so much for an hour work, but okay-lah. Maybe I'll tune up a little bit before I can continue with the next project with this 3D model.

Rest for now. ^^

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