I kicked off the new year with my new setup for my home office. Sort of my workstation back at home. This new setup is an upgrade of my previous one; where I updated the pc, monitor, the table and the chair. The old one was okay but I needed more power for my pc for my future project. That's why I upgraded all.

First of all, a pc is the main focus for my upgrade. I needed a pc that power enough to do certain job i.e for rendering and 3D works. I don't do much paper work, so that's not very important to me. But, I do a lot of online browsing too, a lot of tab opening on Chrome, so yeah, I needed a new powerful pc.

My new pc is AMD based for the processor to the graphic card. But I choose Gigabyte brand for all the components. I just hope that it will work well. With a lot of RGB lighting inside a glass casing, and a lot of fans. I upgraded the monitor too. Instead of buying 2 monitors, I just bought a LG 29 inch ultra wide monitor which can simulate the 2 monitors configuration. So much work space with this new monitor, and also I added my old monitor in vertical position so that I can browse easily the timeline.

I got a new chair too. I got it from Lazada when it was on sale on Black Friday last month. It is so comfortable, I can lay my back now. It has retractable leg rest and massage function. But the massage function is not too great. I can only feel it tingles behind my back. All and all, I love this chair.

I'm loving my new setup. Even though it's not much, but at least it's mine. I can do what ever I want with it. I just hope that this new setup won't consume much power and as I hoped for.

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